Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

To strip or not to strip? Is saying “Awww!” considered raunchy or “Ouch!” considered rude? Should the treatment room be warm, fragrant and tranquil? Here, day spa etiquette is revealed.

Stomach Affairs

You should eat something before your appointment. A light meal will keep you full. But don’t overeat. Avoid high-calorie meals and sugary foods.

What about drinking?

Definitely, a refreshing drink will keep you cool. But don’t take alcohol. For one thing, booze drains energy and dehydrates your body. Stick with water, so you can fully appreciate the experience. Too much water, however, keeps you dashing to the bathroom.

Fresh Breath

Your breath is of concern. On the way to the day spa Adelaide, take bad breath remedies or chew mint gum. You don’t want to smell like your lunch the whole time. Your masseur will appreciate it.

Clean Shave

For men getting a facial, trim your beards a day before. This makes your skin less sensitive. Fortunately for ladies, there is no need to shave legs (or other body parts) for any treatment.

Arrive Early

Plan on arriving 1 hour before your appointment. Early birds get ample time to check in, take a shower and start the relaxation. When showering, pay special attention to your feet.

A quick rinse will eliminate all body odours.

Spending time in a sauna or steam room before body treatments and massages are recommended. It boosts circulation and loosens muscles.

Avoid over-cleansing; the massage therapist needs to see and feel your real skin.

Short and Long Calls

During the treatment, you can use the bathroom. It is also convenient for the masseur to break. Make sure your bowels and bladders are empty beforehand.

Nude or Semi-nude

You can take everything off as long as you are comfortable doing so. Some people leave undies on, but the oils can get them greasy. You will also need to remove jewellery.

Watch or Feel

Don’t keep your eyes open. Products can get in. Keeping eyes closed relaxes your muscles and lets you enjoy every touch and sensation.

Maiden Info

For your safety and comfort, let the therapist know any medical issues or injuries you have, especially circulatory problems (blood clots) and body pains (back aches).

Also, inform them if you are heading to an event after the session. They will shun procedures that leave skin marks, like cupping and purging.

Chit Chat

Talking is not restricted during the session. You can speak up if something feels uncomfortable or hurts, or if you want to change the temperature or music.

Day spa therapists are there to make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. They will tweak what they are doing to suit your preferences.

However, they don’t like mindless rantings like complaints about traffic or difficult fiancés.

Massage products

It is not compulsory to buy the products your therapist recommends. Spa employees get paid when they sell products. But don’t buy anything you don’t need.

Service tip

A suitable tip is 20% of the full-service cost. Always tip in cash.